The video recipe platform.

  • The first video recipe platform with integrated step-by-step video recipes.

  • Video navigation with voice recognition.

  • Only recipes of professional chefs.



Tendoo is the most advanced recipe platform and seeks to inspire people to cook more, healthier and save time.
We give professional chefs around the world the opportunity to share their delicious recipes in a modern and efficient way. Together we thrive to build one of the world’s most used and recognized recipe platforms. In short: We like to add some fun and pepper into everyone’s life.

How it works.

How it works


Similar to traditional physical cook books each chef can create a digital cook book with their recipies in it. The user gets information about the cook book, chef and can chose one of many recipies.


Videos instead of text, pictures instead of long lists. Never was choosing what to cook so fast, easy and inspiring!


The shopping list has a few advantages to other shopping lists: It calculates the right amounts the user needs, each ingredient comes with a picture to help people find what they are looking for and the ingredients are ordered and categorized into the different sections of the shop to save time while shopping.


With our step-by-step video player and integrated voice recognition you can follow each step without ever having to touch the screen with your dirty hands.


As a chef you can log on to our backend where you can create your own digital cook book. After creating a cook book you can start uploading pictures, vidos and add the necessary incredients. The subtitles in the videos are added in the backend as well as the stopping points for the step-by-step video.

For modern Chefs.

For modern Chefs

Enhance your fans’ cooking experience and grow your online presence exponentially.

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Benefits for you to join tendoo.


Free to join before launch.

Follow recipes

Give your customers / fans / followers the best possible experience to follow your recipes. Quality is everything today.

Grow fast

Similar to YouTube you can get new fans through our community and fans of other famous chefs.

More Traffic

You can link your Website and other links to get more traffic.

Digital cookbook & Online fans.

Digital cookbook & Online fans

How you design your own digital cookbook and increase the number of your raving online fans.


Chose a name for your cookbook


Design a compelling cover.


Choose and record 12 to 16 recipies.


Upload the recipes.

Text & Pause

Add text and pause to the recipes.

Website & Social media

Add your introduction and links to your website and social media platforms.


Share your unique digital cookbook with your enthusiastic fans.

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What chefs are saying..

What chefs are saying.

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